Our Current Project: Fundraising for Melaina’s Magical Splashpad

Why are splashpads important?

Most traditional pools and water parks aren’t accessible for children in wheel chairs, or for children with disabilities that make immersing themselves in water difficult. For example, children on the autism spectrum greatly enjoy the water and can reap great benefits from playing in it, but large pools can raise safety concerns for their parents. As another example, children with limited mobility might have trouble using the stairs to get into a pool. Splashpads are zero-entry and allow enough room for all children to enjoy time splish-splashing in a safe and wholly inclusive environment.

You can check out our plans for what the splashpad will look like below!

Help Make the Splashpad a Reality

We are currently still fundraising for a splashpad for Melaina’s. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated so far, and if you’d like to contribute, just click the red donate button below!